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Damar Hamlin who plays safety for the Buffalo Bills recently suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the football field in the middle of a game in Cincinnati. Hamlin sent a major shockwave throughout the country after his collapse.

This past weekend Damar sent an even bigger tidal wave throughout the sport and the U.S. when everyone saw what he wore to Super Bowl, Sunday. While everyone from NFL players, fans, preachers and ESPN anchors were all praying publicly that he survive and get better (as seen in the video below) many thought his attire was ugly, rude, and downright disrespectful.

Meanwhile, all over social media, videos, photos, and comments are pouring in. The majority are angry fans while a few of Damars' supporters are saying his jacket was his right to self-expression. Nonetheless, Damar Hamlin has been approached and spoken to by several of his NFL buddies. The TikTok video below shows the attire Hamlin was wearing at the big game.

Damar Hamlin is Wearing a Jacket Many Say is Rude and Disrespectful

For now, not much has been heard from Damar Hamlin, however, some teammates and fellow NFL players are reaching out to Hamlin through social media to help Damar overcome this latest misfortune. TMZ.com is reporting that NFL Free-agent, RB, and fellow Texan Adrian Peterson remarks:

Adrian Peterson's furious with the jacket Damar Hamlin wore at the Super Bowl, emblazoned with a crucifix with an altered Jesus head, unloading on the 24-year-old in a social media post, calling it "Blasphemy!!" 24-year-old Hamlin was seen at the game, sitting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Adrian Peterson says he's spoken to Damar Hamlin about the "disrespectful" jacket he wore at the Super Bowl... and while Peterson says he still hates the jacket, he doesn't believe the 24-year-old was coming from a place of malice.
"So I spoke with [Damar], and we were able to discuss our thoughts as men. I want to be clear, I’m the last person to judge anyone, and that was never my intention," Adrian wrote. Source: TMZ.com

Adrian Peterson an NFL RB and free agent, has been reaching out to Damar Hamlin who has not responded or commented on his attire choices. As they say, "stay tuned we'll keep you updated. Finally, what are your thoughts and or comments on this?

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