The  calendar will look very different for next year's 2021-2022 school year. Midland ISD School Board voted on and passed an intersessional calendar for next year.

This will consist of an earlier start but have intersession weeks during the year. Guess what that means, a shorter summer.

The way the calendar breaks down is the students will begin August 2nd and get out on May 27th.  However there will be more breaks than just the normal holidays and spring break. Your kids will have a week of intersession in October and one week in February. That's almost one week a month your kids will be out of school.

We all know I don't have kids so take my thoughts for what you will! I feel sorry for parents having to worrying about what they are going to do with kids on these few days a month. No everyone is blessed with a stay at home mom or a grandma that can step in. I think this is putting an unneeded hardship on parents.

I hope you all know that your summer just got shorter. What about kids that work all summer to save up money. Plus families now have shorter times to make schedules.

My last thing on this is, these kids don't need this break. We never got breaks like this and we turned out fine. Kids need structure, they don't need this on again off again routine.

Stop being soft on these kids, quit giving them an out because it's hard. Kids need to stop being coddled. I guess it doesn't really matter because kids don't learn what they should anyway. Kid need to be taught history, economics, and life skills. They need to learn the constitution and laws. Kids should be made to learn things for themselves. Make look up some vocabulary words or take spelling test.  Just my thoughts.


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