We all saw the weather forecasts. We knew the frigid temperatures were coming, we knew there's be ice and some snow. What we DIDN'T know was how badly the power grid would be affected and what would happen with the rolling power outages and everything that took place with ERCOT. The radio stations had power for a few hours, and we'd race back  in here to turn all the computers back on and get the transmitters back up and running.... Then power would go out for 4 to 6 hours and everything would be off the air and dark.

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While we were racing back and forth between our homes being without power, then the stations, then our homes again... There were many first responders out there making sure we were all ok, including all the linemen working on restoring power. Neighbors helping neighbors. Reading the Next Door app was such a pleasure--reading all the stories. Like Rueben over on Maxwell street in Midland--helping his neighbors by going door to door to see if anyone needed anything. He helped one neighbor by taking her phone home to charge it so she'd have a way to call if she needed help... Then there was the Odessa Firefighter who went barefoot across the ice to rescue a dog that had fallen into a pond at the Country Club Golf Course....

Everyone came together to help one another when conditions were at their worst. When I moved here last July--I saw the sign in the radio station from the last time the community came together in a tragedy. The one that says "Permian Basin Strong". Now I have a complete understanding of what that really means. If you have any stories from what neighbors did for you, or what you did to help neighbors--please share them with us at 8:50am weekdays on the show. Enjoy our big warm up and as always--God Bless and Thanks for Listening!

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