First of all, there are a many things that I don't think belong on social medial, but today I am going to focus on one, asking for money. I am not talking about fundraisers for people who are true need. For example to help with a child's medical expenses or when someone has lost everything in a house fire. I am not talking about these kinds of asking for help. I am talking about the posts asking for things that they WANT, not need.

Here are a few examples:

There is a girl I know on social media who continually askes people to donate to her for a set of boobs. You read that right. She's not asking for a new set of dishes to feed her kids on, or a new set of pajamas to keep her kids warm at night. She is asking for someone to pay for a boob job. Are you serious. If you can't afford something don't get it! If you want something work hard and save up your money.

Example #2:

It is one thing to joke about asking for things for your birthday or kid's birthdays. I will make a joke asking for something for my birthday or setting up a fund to help me buy something expensive, but I don't do it. I may say something like, I'm registered at all fine retailers, but it's a joke.

There are people who put out the cash app or Venmo names so people can send money to them or their kids. That is straight up thirsty and messy. Don't do that. If someone wants to give to you they will there is no need to beg for it.

Once again if you want something in live work hard, save your money and don't ask other people to do for you.

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