Even though it's been on now forever and the judge's faces have all changed numerous times (NO ONE will EVER beat Simon Cowell), American Idol is still one of my favorite shows. Out of all the singing and talent competition shows, it's always been my favorite. The original three judges will also always be my favorite combination of sweet, sincere, real and grouchy. I haven't always liked the replacements since. I think Keith Urban was a good choice and thought he did well in the role, while Jennifer Lopez I personally could have done without. My favorite of the replacements was when Steven Tyler of Aerosmith joined. Even though he was only there 2 years, I think he was perfect as not only a judge but a mentor as well.

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I also wasn't sure about the show moving from Fox to ABC, and what changes there'd be to go along with the switch of network. Initially, I've really enjoyed the trio of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie as judges. That is, until last night. See--every year we get the handful of goofballs the Producers put thru from the long long lines and people camping out to get to the round where they are in front of the three TV judges for the first time--people like William Hung (She Bangs!) and Larry Pratt's "Pants on the Ground", etc etc.

But last night-----last night, in my opinion, they lost their minds. Why? Because these people who they send to the judges because they add some hilarity and light-heartedness to the show in between serious auditions..... DON'T belong in the actual competition! In the past, we watched them and their silliness, listened to the judges moan and groan about it, and then they were shown the door. Because, after all, the show was a serious singing competition and was meant to be taken seriously; but also wanted to show it could laugh at itself, too. Not last night. Last night--they put thru a guy who won't make it past Hollywood. They put thru a guy who came to the audition with silly antics and a gimmick for a performance, while they turned away people who COULD sing and who DID have talent--in favor of someone like this. Watch:

What Katy Perry says in her critique and vote afterward: "I think it's fun... But I just don't know if anyone would ever trust me again if I said Yes."... She's exactly right. Did Simon, Randy and Paula put William Hung thru? NO. Because he wasn't anywhere NEAR the level of a REAL Pop Star--which is what this show is SUPPOSED to be looking for.  So--for me, they've lost their credibility. And every one of those singers they put thru should be outraged that these "Judges" put this guy thru and lumped him into the same group with them. Because THEY can sing. HE cannot. Who knows? Maybe they'll keep putting him thru all the way to the voting rounds where America votes and he'll win the whole thing. I'm so thankful all the shows are coming back to Netflix here in a few weeks and there'll be plenty else to watch.

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