Listener Wrote:

My man 's EX will not take his name off their joint Facebook account, which is now her Facebook. Now, he's with me and I've told him to tell her to take off his name. But, nothing. My man says he has told her but she is going to do what she wants to do.  Is there anything I can do?

Here is what the Permian Basin had to say about it?

Who cares! You’re the one with him now. Now you make a joint Fb account with him and post a lot of pics lol.

Yeah don't be insecure about your relationship. If something that little bothers you then you don't need to be in a relationship.

No there is nothing u can do...except let it be . And stop stressing him and u over petty crap..big deal ..he who angers you controls you !!

She is obviously doing it to get to you.Don’t let it be an argument in your relationship!What matters is that you are with him now.

You can grow up. The end.

Maaaaaan, if there is one thing I have learned after a breakup is women hold on to their kids tight but hold on to their ex last name tighter.
Now that social media joint accounts have taken the helm as a new norm, I am sure it is the same psychological disorder that is in play there as well.

I swear West Texas is a real life novela 😎🍿

Lol well I think it’s stupid to do a joint account to begin with 😂

Forget her! Like fr ! Girls like her do it to get that reaction out of you and she’s getting what she wants don’t let her! He’s with you and she’s being petty .. you be happy with your man don’t let that stuff ruin it ❤️

Wow petty much u have him why you worried you are giving her what she wants to get under your skin. Girl quit being insecure.

Don't even worry about it, she's the one who looks stupid if everyone already knows they aren't together anymore.

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