Listener Wrote - So I asked the woman I've been dating to me my girlfriend the other day and I got a 'Can I Think About It? Um, I literally don't have a clue what to do now. I mean we are still cool, but what the heck. I was thrown off by that. I was expecting a Yes or NO! Now what?

Here Is What The Permian Basin Had To Say About It

Why would she wanna give up all this?

It was a test. He got thrwed off, so he failed

She will only play with your heart. Next!

She prolly has another friend she'd rather be gf to, tbh.

If she has to think about it then it’s an automatic no, bye Felicia! NEXT!

Yeah she ain't ready bro!

In my opinion, she's probably weighing her options... like if she says yes, then is it worth settling down with just u.... or if she says no, then she's probably afraid you'll dump her & she's back to square 1... personally, if someone hesitated when I asked them that, after already dating, then it would seem kinda sus to me....

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