Last week the Lea County Fair and Rodeo celebrated the 85th Anniversary and their concert line up did not disappoint. They started off the week with Mike Ryan followed by Clay Walker on Thursday, Confederate Railroad and Exile on Friday and capped it off with Gary Allan on Saturday night.

As soon as I found out Gary Allan was playing I knew I would definitely be there. I love Gary Allan. I try to catch his show if he is anywhere around. It's been a minute since he has been in the Midland/Odessa area. I have been a fan of Gary's since back in the 90's. His music is so dark and sexy all at the same time.

Saturday night he opened the show with one of his classics. Of course every song was hit after hit. Then the stage  went dark and Gary disappeared. Next you saw a shadow in the center of the stage wearing a cowboy hat. The lights came up and there stood Gary Allan in a duster. Yes, a duster, one the long western coats from the 90's. He performed "Her Man" and several other songs in his duster.  I keep telling everyone 90's country music is on the raise. Everyone wants music to go back to the way it was back then.

Gary Allan has just released his first album in sight years. He released " Set You Free" in 2013 and "Ruthless" was just released this summer. The entire "Ruthless" album is The classic Gary Allan sound. "Ruthless" is also the very first album that does not have his picture on it. He was quarantining in the Dominican Republic and couldn't back to the states in time to take a photo for the album that is why there is just art work.

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