Some people call it "Dusk", some call it "Twilight" (not to be confused with the vampire movie series of the same name), and others call it "Grey Time".... That time of day when the sun goes down but it's still light out. THAT is my all-time favorite time of day. Doesn't matter what season it is. If it's summertime-it's the perfect time to take the dogs for a walk, when the lighting is soft on your eyes and you're not squinting in the sunshine, and it's not too dark where you're struggling to see what you're doing under the street lamp. In the winter months (especially here in Texas) it's also the perfect time to enjoy a walk with your special someone in a hoodie or sweater, or sit out on the patio with the firepit going. That's MY person favorite time of the day. Yours may be different.

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I'm not a "morning person" per se--someone who bounces out of bed when the alarm goes off and who's awake and bouncy and ready for the day. It's funny-because I'm not that person-yet I host a morning radio show and am out of bed at 4:30am every weekday. Oh the irony. I don't mind being awake that early one the show gets going and the coffee starts flowing freely. I'm also not really a night person either. I used to be. Late night television and watching the monologues on Tonight, etc were always a favorite thing to do. But with the hours at work and the fact that since the pandemic, Late Night TV isn't so much fun to watch anymore with hosts on zoom from home--I sleep better at night (and earlier).

But I know there are people who love different times of the day-and we wanna know what YOUR favorite is! Comment below--and tell us, or call-in to the show Monday morning and share yours!

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