It's not an uncommon occurrence. You walk into your favorite restaurant, or maybe it's a place you've heard about and have been wanting to try... The hostess seats you. You get all settled-in at the table and start to peruse the menu, and you get about a quarter of the way down the first page and BAM--the crying and screaming comes barreling your direction from two booths over. Screeches so blood-curdling that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This just happened to my wife and I last weekend at Bubba's off the Loop 250. Took me right back to being a first time parent and all you have to deal with when you're first starting out. These folks weren't first time parents though. They had 3 kids with them. An older girl, the middle child who was a boy, and the toddler.

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Having a total of 4 in my world--one from a previous marriage that is 22 (she'll be 23 in December), as well as 3 step kids--that kind of thing really doesn't bother me all that much. In fact, if anything, it's easy to relate to how mom and dad are feeling when things like that occur. Always much better to be supportive and understanding. Unfortunately, that isn't how the world always works. So it got me wondering--what if restaurants had a special "cry room" for families, like churches do? Or-if they had a sign that simply stated ""No Loud Crying Babies Allowed"--would you eat there? Would you support it? Or would that turn you off and send you to the next place? Comment below and let us know!

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