It sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it... Four Dogs walk into a bar.... then out, then in, then out again. But, seriously, folks... I'm here all week. Tip your waitresses, try the veal! On Monday's show we'll talk PETS. Great Pet Names you've heard, how many is too many, and what's the most manageable.

The Gunner household is always very active with pets everywhere... If you were to walk by my fenced-in yard at any given time of day--you'd be greeted with a chorus of barks from Reagan (Hound Mix), Bryn (Pomsu), Lexi (Shih-Tzu), and the newest addition--Chicka (Chihuahua). Same if you were to ring the front doorbell. Once inside, you'd pass by the first room on your left which is the dining room. That's where the Axolotl lives in her 30 gallon aquarium. What is an Axolotl you ask? It's nickname is "The Mexican Walking Fish". They are native to Mexico but are mostly bred in captivity these days. They're basically a water Salamander. They need to be kept in chilled water around 63 degrees.

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Once you get to the living room, you'll come to the habitat where Mocha and Latte hang out--our two Guinea Pigs. They're pretty quiet unless they want some hay. Then the squeaks are almost ear-piercing til you pay attention and give them some. So in our household there's a total of 6 animals of various breeds and types. I love our small zoo and wouldn't trade it for anything. But when is it too much? When are there too many? I think if the dogs were ALL large breed dogs--four would be too much to handle in a 3 bedroom house with a small fenced in yard. For people with more space-four might be ok. But that's not us. So the fact three are small makes it manageable. Do you or someone you know have more than we do?  Comment below and tell me! Also--what are some great pet names you've heard? Funny ones, odd or strange ones--tell us!

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