We're talking about this on the morning show today--You don't have to be over the top snobby when it comes to wanting certain brands for different things; it just means that when it comes to a certain thing in life, you're "particular" in what you like. And that can be for anything from a car to clothes to shoes to places you like to eat or groceries you like to buy. There's nothing wrong with personal taste as long as it isn't obnoxious to others (although admittedly my wife rolls her eyes at me occasionally when we're shopping at the grocery store because I HAVE to have my JIF Creamy Peanut Butter and I HAVE to have my Simply Red Raspberry Lemonade, among other things. You can't help it--you like what you like. Right?

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As for clothes--there are things that I like that I don't necessarily HAVE to have, but that are nice "presents" to myself once in a while. I love Ariat. Their whole line. Boots, shirts, jackets.... Again, I don't HAVE to have it--I'll wear whatever (once you hit 50, your 'care' about wearing the latest fashion--especially if you're a guy--goes right out the window)... There are plenty of people I know, however, that must wear North Face or Under Armor or have to have a particular kind of car. Being seen driving anything but a BMW is shameful to them. It's a status thing. My take is--WHO CARES. Life is too short to worry about keeping up with the Jones's. Tell us in the comments below--is there a brand name that you have to have?

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