We sure have gotten a lot of rain in the past week here in the Midland-Odessa region. It's not only wreaked havoc on roads--causing flood conditions that make driving hazardous because you can't really be sure exactly how deep big puddles / small lakes on roadways are, and whether or not it's safe to travel thru them in your car. Which is also what created the phrase "Turn Around--Don't Drown". It's also wreaked havoc on people's homes along 191 with flooding happening in homes where water doesn't usually flow. Construction along 191 is being blamed for changing the direction of the water flow. It's also ruined many outdoor plans like sitting outside at your favorite restaurant for dinner, grilling dinner and enjoying patio time at home, or going to the pool.

These storms are also testing construction on roofs across West Texas, and so far we've been widely lucky to have avoided the softball-sized hail that has happened here in the past in these storms. Severe weather season is coming to a close for the most part very soon so hopefully the rain will come to an end shortly. When I moved here last July it wasn't rainy AT ALL and the temperatures were pretty steady in the 100's. I'm ready for that to come back!

The POSITIVE effect it's having, however, is that portions of the Basin that are typically brown are abundantly lush and green right now with all the watering of grass, plants and flowers that aren't in  flood-affected areas. I have to admit--being from the Midwest and seeing the green here DOES make me smile. And the best part? Not having to drive for hours to see it. But I know it won't last. And I'm OK with that--I am ready for pool time to come back!


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