On Tuesday's show--Do You Know An Adult Spoiled Brat? You know--someone who thinks they are entitled to everything under the sun? Free new car, free college education, free apartment, and all the luxury items you could imagine? They're out there... The question is-if you do know one--how do you tolerate being around them? That is--unless you're the BFF who's getting to ride around in the free new car and help spend all that cash Mommy and Daddy keep freely supplying. Then I understand it.

Wow, omg! Portrait of impressed glad girl having a lot of flying money around her, having unbelievable unexpected reaction, isolated on pink background

And yes--it could be said that one could be envious or jealous of a person like that. Someone who didn't have to work hard or earn their way into anything they've gotten-it's all been given to them because either A) Mom and Dad feel somehow guilty they didn't have the best childhood because the parents had to work a lot and/or B) because the parents are divorced and the guilt associated with that can make people do stupid things to try to compensate or make up for things they think are shortcomings in the parenting department.

Either way-it's frustrating to parents out there who are trying to teach not only their teenagers but younger kids as well that to get anywhere in life--YOU  HAVE TO WORK HARD AND YOU HAVE TO EARN IT. It's a great life skill to have--work ethic. It teaches you that sitting on the sofa playing video games isn't going to get you the new car you want (unless you're lucky enough to be Tyler Blevins--and if you don't know him--look him up). Not everyone is--so learning the skill that you have to work for what you have is an essential life skill for an adult to have.

So call-in at 8:20 in the morning Tuesday and we will discuss Adult Spoiled Brats!

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