No kids allowed! Must be 18 or older! For someone like me with no kids, this sounds like the perfect spot to get away. I love waterparks. I have more fun at waterparks as an adult than I ever did as a kid, but an adults-only water park sounds like a place to be for someone who is not used to being around kids. The only caveat is that you have to be a member or a guest of a member. No day passes are allowed. Each member can bring up to seven guests. The first two are free and there is a day pass admission fee for the other five.

The Cove at BearX offers a lazy river, a surf machine,  a wakeboarding lake, and endless fun. The Cove at BearX can be found in College Station, known as a daycation resort.

They also offer surf camp for ages 5 and up. If campers are between the ages of 5-17 they must be accompanied by an adult.

The Cove at BearX is a day club kind of place for adults of all ages to live a carefree life for a day. Sometimes adults like to enjoy things without kids around. Sometimes adults need a break from their kids to have a little fun. This is the perfect place.

The Cove at BearX is a day club-style swimming pool for adults of all ages to come and recharge from the stresses of adulting.  So put on your bathing suit, rebuke that little voice that whispers lies in your ear and come experience what being a part of The Good Vibe Tribe is all about!! We promise you will dig what we are planting!


Private bungalows and cabanas are available to rent by the day.  You can also enjoy yard games and a full food and drink menu. And to make the atmosphere even better, there is a DJ every day.

The Cove at BearX

The Cove at BearX

Gallery Credit: Gwen

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