Since moving here last July--I don't think I've ever seen as much rain as I have over the past 2 months here in the Basin. Which is not only evident when you drive around town and go thru miniature lakes on the roadsides--or walk down a street thru endless puddles on sidewalks... But also when I'm at home. This is a photo of the field behind my house off Big Spring St in Midland where kids usually have a soccer and baseball field to play in:


As you can see--it's more of a secondary Duck Pond right now so if the gang at Wadley-Baron Park is looking for some variety--now's the time. For the next 15 hours we are still under a Flash Flood Watch for the Lonestar 92.3 listening area. The rain is supposed to continue off and on for the next day or so, causing more lakes and puddles where none previously existed. And as tempting as it may be to want to go swishing thru the puddles on the road and send the water all over the place--it's not good for your vehicle, it's not good for the surroundings, and it's dangerous because you can't be sure exactly how deep the water is--which can send your vehicle in directions you don't want it to go.

So far the Midland area has seen about 4 inches of rain and Odessa around 5. And with the rain still in the forecast at least thru lunch time tomorrow we might see up to an inch more, depending on what part of the Basin you're in. Be safe out there--and as they say BE SMART and "Turn Around, Don't Drown".

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