So many people love to go out and see Christmas light displays. This year I think there will probably be more light lookers than ever because everyone is searching for any extra bit of happiness they can find. Even though I am not one who gets excited to go look at lights, I have to admit, it does bring an extra sense of joy.

The funny part about me not being an avid Christmas lights connoisseur is that I always seem to be the Christmas light tour guide. I seem to be the one driver everyone around to look at lights. I don't mind because I get to see the joy it brings to everyone else.

Every year I have to take my parents at some point and time to look at lights, and just the other night I took my friends to look at  lights because they are new to the area and didn't know where to go.

If you are wanting to look at some great light displays here in the Basin, here are a few

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