Sunday it's supposed to be really windy-and a bit cooler. So if you're anything like ME and you plan on getting some things done around the house this weekend--Saturday is THE day! Mid 60's and Sunny---so get out into the yard and enjoy! Being from Chicago I'm not used to being able to do yard work in December-so this is absolutely amazing! We've started a project redoing the back yard. When we bought the house, both yards were 100% zero-scaped, so complete rock both front and back. Also, the patio was about the size of a postage stamp out back--so we had a nice big extension added by Crazy Horse Solutions that just looks fantastic.


Now--my wife and I are spending the day Saturday with shovels and wheel barrows as we get the rock spread back out around the patio extending to the fence.


No small project for sure! You never know how much strength you have (or DON'T have!) til you're shuffling rock around the back yard in a wheel barrow! I look at it this way-it's a great way to enjoy the nice weather, make the yard look nicer, and get a good workout in along the way!

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Next step is finding a company that will do pet-friendly artificial grass in a small section of the yard so the dogs have a place to go potty. Once that is in--adding some landscape border around the artificial grass separating it from the rock and patio adding to the look--and we'll be all set!

Whatever YOU'RE doing this weekend, whether it's something big like this or just simple--have a great weekend and be safe out there!

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