If you or someone you know or love is a hearing aid wearer-then you've seen and heard how hard it is to also have to wear a mask when going to a store or really anywhere in public right now because of the straps sitting behind the ears. The folks at All About Hearing care about the community here in the Basin and right now, they are GIVING AWAY 500 "Custom Mask Extenders" so that those who wear a hearing aid can comfortably wear their face masks.

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It helps prevent having to loop the straps behind the ears, and also prevents the wearer from potentially losing their devices completely because of the straps. These custom extenders allow you to connect the straps of your face mask to an extender that sits at the back of your head, instead of doing the ear loop around the ears.

No one needs any extra added stress--especially around the holidays. Because of the problems that come from wearing a mask with a hearing aid, many of those who wear them are either not wearing a face mask, or removing their hearing aids--or just staying home altogether and not attending family gatherings or making needed trips to the store. So if you or a friend or loved one could use some help with this problem and would benefit from a FREE custom mask extender-you can stop by All About Hearing's website to request one. Anyone and everyone who wears a hearing aid can request a custom extender.

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