Reports are saying that in as soon as 7 days from now-Midland Memorial Hospital could be distributing the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. December 14th is the target date, as only 109 hospitals in Texas are getting the vaccine... Reports say they'll have enough to vaccinate approximately 1,950 people. Because the Pfizer vaccine requires two shots--the first one, then the second one three weeks later-the first ones to get it will likely be healthcare workers and nursing homes, but nothing has been said yet about who exactly qualifies for it.

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Local officials are meeting with state officials Tuesday morning to discuss protocols and where to start first. If any workers have tested positive for the virus in the last 3 months they will not be able to receive the vaccine. Also--others who won't be able to get it are anyone 18 and under, and those who are pregnant.

The two doses are all you need at first--the only thing that is still unknown is how long the antibodies last once you've had the vaccine, or whether or not they'll need to be booster shots. The general outlook and attitude of workers at the hospital, according to reports, is that most of the staff believes in the vaccine's effectiveness and looks forward to getting it.

Midland Memorial will be the first hospital in West Texas to distribute the vaccine. No word yet on if the public will have the chance to receive it with this first round.

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