Birthdays, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, out of town guests, or just because it has always been known that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and it doesn’t have to be out drinking at night with her friends, although, that does come with perks too.  But there are other things a group of ladies can get together to do besides drink and shop.  And here are 5 of some memory building experiences to consider when gathering your gal pals for your next big day on the town.

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Cheers to Paint (Odessa) -Wine and Paint and your besties! Book your private party or show up and be a part of a group open to the community.  Who cares as long as there is wine!  Themes change for the season and you can see them on the calendar so you base when you go on what you want to paint.  What a great way to bring out your creative side and enjoy your friends for the day or night.

Happy Everything (Odessa)- Custom Home Décor.  Any size, shape pattern.  You get to design. True there are things already completed.  But take advantage of catching up with your crew, designing something to match your space, and create memories. Themes change for the season.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Woodhouse Day Spa (Midland)- A perfect way to reflect, rejuvenate and renew…It says so right on their website!  But really, what group of ladies doesn’t love a spa day.  And whether you like a mani/pedi or a massage, there is something for everyone.  Enjoy a Spa Package with your group.  Sip on champagne and reconnect with your friends for the day.

Alldredge Gardens (Midland)- Okay I know I said no shopping, and really I don’t categorize this as shopping.  Not really. I would say…Did you know there is a café in the middle of a garden? A perfect place to catch up, enjoy a glass of wine and some great food and conversation, with a great lunch. Heading out on a Thursday evening with your girlfriends, Alldredge Gardens has live music for you to enjoy! So, relax, in the tropical atmosphere, with dinner and live music.  All of that and I won’t even talk about the vendors you may see.

Permian Playhouse (Odessa)/Midland Community Theater (Midland)-Catch a Show at either.  Live Theater is exciting.  And most people don’t think about it.  But with two great theaters to select from, you have to get out and see local talent entertain you. Enjoy the show, and then recap it with your friends while enjoying dessert or a coffee following the performance with your good friends.

There are great activities that will allow you to create a lifetime of memories with your family and friends in the Permian Basin.  These are just a few thought starters to get you out exploring the possibilities. Enjoy!

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