Sometimes, because of tradition, families will pass names down generation after generation. More often, this occurs between males. Annually, I find myself excited to see a new list of names. Often reviewing the differences regionally.

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Determining a name for your child takes time. It is not something parents take lightly.  . And, what may demonstrate a parents great sense of humor, or sounds like a "cool" name today,  doesn't always bode well for their child in their adolescent and adult years.

In my opinion, the Permian Basin, in 2021, did well with their top 5 choices for in naming their future men of the United States. Strong and solid names are topping this year's list. So without keeping you in suspense any longer, here is your list of the top 5 boys names for this area, along with their meanings.

#5 Creed:
 Meaning belief, guiding principle, "I believe". I always thought this meant heart. Which if I was naming my son Creed is why I would opt for the name. But either way I think it is a great solid name.

#4 Zeke: "God Strengthens", or may God strengthen. Now…regionally this should not have you questioning,”, why”.  I mean, I don’t have to know a lot about Football to know where this one stems from.  I’m not even going to act like I have to explain this one.

#3 Wyatt:  "Hardy, brave, strong". I mean, you cannot go wrong when you are named after every adjective to describe a “warrior”.  Believe the name Wyatt will continue to be popular in this region with the (Earp) connection to the OK Corral and Texas Trail of Fame. But, could just be the cool sound it has to it.

#2 Lawson: "Son of Lawrence".  Compared to the rest of the cool meanings…This kid kind of gets the short end of the stick.  Hopefully he gets a really cool car at 16! Because as far as “meanings” go, he got slighted.

#1 Steele: "One who has come from steel" or "One who is durable". This may be a stretch or maybe not but with the Rangers top prospect, and being from Oklahoma, maybe there a connection.  Or maybe people really like Superman.  Either way, with a name like Steele, you’re not really setting your son up for failure.  So, this name is a hit in my book.

Not finding a name that calls to you? Additional names were on the "Top of" list for 2021 for the region (up to 30 to be exact).  And, if you still can’t choose?  Well, you can always wait to see your bundle of joy. Because I have yet to stumble across a parent who introduces their child as “Baby boy" Smith. But whether you just found out about your new addition or in your final days, we here at Townsquare wish your family much love and happiness.


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