All of us here in the Permian Basin will always remember August 31, 2019.

We all have different emotions about it, but one thing is certain, the way all of us here in the Permian Basin came together as a community will always be remembered.

We lost 7 precious souls that day in what will always be known as one of the Permian Basin's darkest days.

Two years later, we now reflect on that day with prayers and thoughts for all 7 victims and many others that were affected by the mass shooting that took place that day. We are reminded 2 years later, that life is precious and every life has a worth.

Two years ago, we here at Townsquare Media put up a 'Community Wall' in the parking lot of our studios. It was a 'Community Wall' where we invited everyone in the Permian Basin to come out and  share their feelings and emotions by writing words of hope and love on the wall.

We have since then,  taken that wall and preserved it inside our building. We have it up and our reminded daily when we walk by it, of that day in August in 2019 that will forever affect our community.

The messages on the wall show the community's love and support for the families and those affected that day.  The messages on that wall reflect the hope, love and fear that we were all feeling. When I look back at the messages on the wall, I get a sense of community, compassion and love.

Two years later our thoughts and prayers continue to be  with the victims and their families. As well as with all the officers, first responders and medical staff that reached out to help their community on that day.

We were and continue to be as the sign says.... #permianbasinstrong.

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