Maybe Gwen and I are just simple folks who don't really need much "bling bling" (does anyone say that anymore?) in our lives to make us happy. Talking about this topic on the show--and I told the story about my Uncle who lives in Phoenix and who actually has a full size hot tub in his bathroom--no, not the jets tub you'd normally find in a bathroom--I'm talking the big kahuna... Full size hot tub that you'd find on someone's back patio under a pergola. I said I'd be a lot simpler to keep happy and all I'd want is a TV. Gwen agreed. But there are SO MANY options out there if you have the space in the room and can afford it. First, before we get to accessories-there's the decor. One of the coolest I've ever seen in a house was a complete marble bathroom, including the tub. It also had modern lighting around the mirrors and a chandelier. Fixtures that are interesting shapes to make it different are always fun--this one had square handles and a water spout for the sinks and bathtub, along with a multi-head shower that had 8 faucets spraying you at pretty much every level.

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Of course--the biggest thing to remember if you're actually going to put a tv in the bathroom--is that they aren't built to withstand moisture. So you'll want to find a waterproof one for the job. You might even be able to find one that also has a fog-proof screen, since there's a lot of steam in bathrooms from showers and baths. And if the screen's all foggy--kinda defeats the purpose! I'd love to hear what would make YOUR perfect bathroom. Comment below and tell us!

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