With all the hype of Tiger King, I know many people have thought it would be cool to own a tiger. I mean I think it would be cool to own a tiger, I would also own an alligator if I could.

When I say you can legally own a tiger in Texas, it's not as easy as just buying one. According to attorney Brian White, you can own a tiger with a permit.


Exotic animal ownership laws in Texas are some of the most lenient in the country. Possession and regulation of exotic animals are controlled by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. To own a tiger or other large cat in Texas, all you have to do is qualify for a permit. So who is eligible for a permit to own a tiger under Texas law? Just about anyone. To have your permit approved, you must prove you can properly cage and provide for the tiger as a pet.

Because of the lack of regulation, there are an estimated 2000 tigers residing in the Lone Star State, meaning the tiger population in Texas is second only to India, where tigers are an indigenous species. Some of these tigers are well kept and cared for, while others are forced to live in deplorable conditions. In our state, it’s possible to buy a tiger for less than a thousand dollars, the same price as some purebred dogs. With regulations so lax, it’s tempting to buy your own personal tiger, but ownership comes with real risks.  According to the website of Brian White.

Now obviously it is not recommended that you own one, because tigers are meant to be in the wild. They may be cute and cuddly but they are not meant to be domesticated. Once domesticated they can never be returned to the wild.

You and I would never want to be kept in a cage and neither do these animals. They are meant to run wild and free.


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