As you all know yesterday was Easter Sunday. With most churches were  closed to traditional service, many did things a little differently yesterday.

Like most churches are doing now, my church held the service online and on social media. Being Easter most churches usually have communion and yesterday was no different at my church. Don't worry the doors weren't open and a crowd wasn't gathered so to speak.

We had drive through church. They had a drive through system set up. Everyone stayed in their cars. When you drove in you were greeted, just like you would be on a normal Sunday, with a wave or a shout out the window. Then you were handed a prayer request card, as you continued to drive around different church members were waving, you could pay your tithe and offerings, then there was a prayer station, and finally communion. But communion was quite different, it was in a to go cup. It looked like a Taco Villa hot sauce cup. It had the wafer on the top and then the cup of juice.


Obviously it doesn't matter where you take communion, it's the heart in which you take it.

This Easter definitely had some first for me, but it was a blessed Easter none the less.


Proof I went to church! LOL

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