Live Nation is probably the biggest events and venue promoters in the United States. Many of the concerts and live events you attend are put on and organized by Live Nation. Even though we can't get out and go to live shows and concerts, Live Nation is still providing us with artist experiences.

Live Nation is now offering “Live From Home.


” Live Nation’s all new virtual hub, updated daily with live streams, exclusive artist content, new music and more, keeping you connected to your favorite artists. Go live now at

Live Nation is also hosting "Crew Nation" that is raising money to help the live crews that aren't on the road, who aren't making sure live shows go on. It wasn't for the guys who put the stage together or hang the speakers, or run the lights, there would be no show.

Live Nation is extending a helping hand to those workers who need it the most by creating the Crew Nation Fund. Live Nation will match all donations dollar for dollar, up to $10 million. Visit to donate or buy merch to support the cause now.


A big thank you goes out to Live Nation keeping us connected to our favorite artist.

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