Throughout the course of the past 2 years with the Pandemic-we've seen many different items land in short supply because of a complete stoppage in production or a slow down. Car parts like computer chips for new cars went almost non-existent, halting the production of new cars and causing inventory issues for car dealerships everywhere. If you were lucky enough to find a new model, you were one of the few. The past few years have seen the used car market skyrocket with trade-in values way up due to production issues not meeting demand on the new side... Of course, health and care items and cleaning supplies met the same fate-like Clorox wipes going non-existent for an extended time and then various foods following suit.

This brings me to this past weekend at the grocery store. It's getting warm consistently now, and the pool in our subdivision opens this coming weekend. Grilling season is here! And who doesn't love a good burger or hot dog on the grill on a warm weekend afternoon? With all the fixins like ketchup, onion, pickle, tomato, and lettuce... And oh yeah-MUSTARD! But wait--you head to the grocery store to look for good ole yellow mustard--that staple that's always right there on the shelf when you need more and it's GONE. Poof! You can't find it. Went to two different stores near the house and both were OUT. Which is crazy! Why a yellow mustard shortage? I didn't realize there was any kind of threat to production for it till I went looking for it and couldn't find it. The good news is-Dollar General down Big Spring Street happened to have a few bottles, so this weekend's grilling has been saved. But it's still puzzling. What did we miss as far as shortages go? Is there something you love that you haven't been able to find any of lately? Comment below and tell us!

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