With less than a week left before the sometimes dreaded February 14th, have you gotten anything for your significant other? Do you even have a significant other?

Well flowers of course are the go to gift for your sweetie on Valentine's Day, but in my opinion it's really retundant and cliche. I would rather make something for someone I love than spend a bunch of money on jewelry or flowers that won't live past a week or two. Even planing a trip to go do something for a night or a weekend is better than just putting flowers in a vase. Yes they are pretty to look at but if you can't afford to do it then you might want to think about writing a note to her/him and taking a walk or a drive to a favorite spot and giving them that note. I think that's more special than even candy. Heck I once got someone tickets to a show they wanted to see and we had the best time. It's more about the memories being made than the stuff. So if you're broke or low in funds this Valentine's, don't come up with an excuse or break up with them because you can't get them something, give them something from the heart!

Now if you're single treat yourself to a movie or better yet bring someone at the office a coffee this Tuesday, you might just improve their mood and yours at the same time. As for me, I have a lot of people that I love and maybe a Valentine out there, but I'm going to give something from the heart, hugs! Just like laughter hugs are infectus. If anything, I'm going to make Valentine's Day my Hugs for all day!

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