Wait! Don't throw that away! We have all heard someone say that at one time or another, maybe because they wanted to hang on to it or it could be because it's illegal to throw away or dump in the state of Texas.  I know when I got my roll-away dumpsters from 1-800-JUNKPRO there were specific things I could not put in the dumpster.


1.  Batteries.

Most states still let you toss standard alkaline batteries, like double or triple A batteries.  Other types can have things like mercury in them, so they're illegal to throw out. That's why when you go to the parts store and get a new battery for your car they offer to dispose of it for you.

Old kitchen appliances in the rubbish bin isolated on white

2, Electronics

Don't throw out electronics with batteries. Things like old phones, computers, monitors, or anything that has a battery that cannot be removed. You can drop off or dispose of these types of electronics at Stapes.

tires piled

3. Medications

You should never throw out old medications no matter what kind of medication it is. Someone could get a hold of them and could be shared by them. Most cities have disposal places like hospitals or will have medication disposal drives, where you can drop off your old medications for proper disposal. Also, remember is harmful to flush medications as well.

Paint bucket and brush on table

4. Paint

Paint should not be thrown away because it is flammable and cause a fire. Again, when I had my rollaway dumpster they stressed that paint could not be put in the dumpster. Now you can drop off old paint at hardware stores and they will recycle the paint for you.

tires piled

5. Tires

I think this one is a given. I think everyone knows that you can't throw your tires in the dumpsters. This is why when you get new tires the tires show offers to take the off your hands. Usually, they charge a disposal fee.

Remember this before you start throwing things away.


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