Anyone else out there feeling a tad under the weather, not as energetic, or just "off" a bit? And NO--It's NOT COVID (Thank Goodness!) It's this crazy weather! One minute we're cold and all wearing jackets, the next the sun is back out and it feels like an early fall day--like one JUST after Summer wraps up... It's just enough to keep you--and your body--guessing. So-is this typical for West Texas this time of year? I mean--I've read a bunch on line about how weather changes here and it's the same in Chicago. The old saying "Don't Like The Weather, just wait 10 minutes and it'll change" applies both places for sure!

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Just saw an article about the best places to see snow in Texas... Lubbock was the closest to here. No thanks--I'll pass if I can lol. I've seen my fair share of snow coming from the Midwest. For some reason--and it's only happened once in my life so far--I'm amazed to meet someone who's never seen snow. I adopted a dog once who was so little, she hadn't been thru her first snowfall yet. And I have to tell you--that was one of THE most adorable moments--seeing her romping in and out of snow drifts back home. Seriously the ONLY time I've ever actually liked the stuff.

People who can do things like ski and snowboard--hats' off to you! I can't stand being out in the stuff long enough to walk from my car to the house, let alone brush the car off after a good snow or (gasp!) actually have to shovel. One of my favorite moments preparing to come here to live was when I sold our snow blower on Marketplace. I did a little dance afterward because I knew that was IT. No more of that stuff. I have yet to experience a real "winter" day here in West Texas--but I'm thankful I have my fireplace and a beautiful wife. That's all I need.

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