Here in Texas we all know Dairy Queen's jingle. It's permanently stuck in our heads.

"DQ -- that's what I like about Texas."

This concept was created around 20 years ago and is now getting an update thanks to country music star Josh Abbott. Here in Lubbock we obviously know Abbott well since his band originated here. Now he's done it again.

The new jingle was released on June 13th, 2022. It has Abbott's voice, a banjo and fiddle and it's totally Texas-fied.

In the video, he talks about how he grew up in Idalou right outside of Lubbock and how he grew up eating DQ every week.

"DQ is just a big part of our lives there in Idalou. So me and my music so closely associated with the culture of Texas I feel like DQ is interwoven with that," Abbott says in the video.

You can see the full video on their website or the YouTube video below.

DQ's website says, "join us in welcoming Josh Abbott to the DQ stage! This Texas native has brought his distinctive style to create a fresh remix of the Lone Star State’s most recognizable jingle. Here is your exclusive first look behind the scenes at how this country music rockstar transformed an old classic into the new sound of DQ in Texas."

On their website, it says Abbott's go-to Dairy Queen staple is the steak finger country basket, and his favorite Blizzard Treat is M&M or Butterfinger.

This collab has been a long time coming. Abbott actually mentioned his love for the company back in 2012 in his song, "l'll Sing About Mine." If you listen to the song you will hear him talk about "a world that's changing" and he goes on to say he sits eating burgers at "the same place where mom and dad went on their first date."

He name-dropped the beloved Texas chain in "I'll Sing About Mine," a song off his 2012 album, Small Town Family Dream. The lyrics go: "When you talk about the Dairy Queen pickup trucks and Springsteen make the place I love."

So it's so cool to learn more about his story in the area we all know and love along with a new Texas jingle.

Josh Abbott, we hope some things never change. We'll meet ya up in Idalou anytime for some steak fingers and talk about the good ol' times.

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