We've all seen the numerous advertisements--doesn't matter what channel you're watching or what time of day it is--they're always on. Products that will make your life easier. Whether it's the household products like cleaners, dusters, air purifiers, lights, glue, and more... Or it's small appliances like space heaters, pumps to transfer gas from one vehicle to another, cell phone holders for cars--you name it. They have it. The question is--DO THEY REALLY WORK? Did you buy it yourself after the advertisement aired, or did you get it as a gift? How long did it last? Do you still have it?

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My personal all-time favorite is the cream that you put on a washcloth, then wipe over your car and it takes away scratches in your paint job. Magic! But does it really work or is it all trick photography for tv? Then there's the one you can use that magically clears up the fogged-up headlamp covers on older cars--clears it off with just the swipe of a cloth! I went ahead and tried a cell phone holder that was As Seen On TV that clipped to the air conditioning vent in the car. It did work for a while but then the spring broke and that was it. Thankfully it was only $14.

Have you used any of these products? Did they work for you? We would love to hear all about it on the morning show Wednesday morning. Call us at 432-561-8336 or 432-563-8-923. You can also message us on Facebook or the Lonestar 92.3 APP.

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