This morning when I was reading prep for our show and I cam across food hacks that I just had to share with you. I can't believe I have never heard of or thought of these before. Some of them I will probably use too. Thanks to BuzzFeed for all the help.

1. Too keep your avocado from turning black, store it in the refrigerator with an onion. My best friends also taught me a trick for this if you don't have an onion, leave the seed in the half that you don't use and it won't turn black.


2. Use a waffle iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich. It's quicker. It's less messy and makes wholes in the sandwich to soak up the tomato soup I like to dip it into.

3. Using a koozie on a pint of ice cream when you eat it. How has no one thought of this or shared this with me before. Now your hands don't have to freeze while eating your ice cream.

4. Want cookies but only have a cake mix? No problem! You can turn a cake mix into cookie dough just by adding two eggs and 1/2 of oil. That sounds a lot easier than whipping up some cookie dough to me. LOL

5. You can steam your veggies the same time you cook your pasta and use the same pan.  Place a baking rack on top the pan you are boiling your pasta in and let the steam from the pasta steam your veggies.

6. If you are like me and cannot eat an entire pizza by myself and only want a slice or two at a time. Use your air fryer to cook one piece at a time.

7.Want to make the perfect pancakes, use a ketchup bottle, obviously an empty one. You can squeeze the perfect amount of mix to make the perfect size and make less of a mess.

For more great tips and hacks check out BuzzFeed. 

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