We all want this weekend to be a safe and fun one for everyone, whether it's adults attending a "grown-up" Halloween party (remember--drink responsibly and if you've had a few--give the keys to someone else!!!)... Or the kids running around to a Halloween event going on, or trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. So here are a few suggestions, as it starts to get darker earlier with only a week away til time change:

Reflective Tape Or Bright Colors

Dog in disguise for Halloween

It's getting darker earlier so a bright hat, bright coat (it's gonna get down to 45 at night this weekend), or something reflective so drivers can see you is recommended.

Make Sure You / They Can See Where You're / They're Going


Masks are cool and fun--just make sure they aren't obstructing vision. Could cause a trip and fall, which can lead to bumps bruises, and maybe more. Better off instead of those plastic masks to use makeup and create one around the eyes on the face-this way nothing gets in the way of clear vision.

Walk The Little Ones All The Way To Doors


The safest way to be sure nothing's going to happen is when you're right there with them.

Plan Ahead The Day Of

child girl sleeps in her bed with toy teddy bear in morning

Always easier in a situation like we have this year where Halloween is on a weekend--plenty of time to get a nap in ahead of time so that no one is tired, cranky, or in a bad mood prior to candy time!

Check Thru Candy Before Letting Kids Eat

Jennifer Barrow

With the world we live in today, you never know. better to be safe than sorry!

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