If you are anything like me, then you are the go-to friend that hosts any sort of holiday event. With Christmas just around the corner and lots of parties being hosted over the next week, I wanted to share some tips that can help your party run smoother.

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A TikToker that goes by JuJu recently shared her top tips for preparing to host a large party. When hosting, despite wanting to enjoy the hard work you’ve put in, sometimes it can be more stressful than fun for the host. You are too busy making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is enjoying themselves to actually take the time to enjoy the fruits of your own labor.  

If this sounds like something you struggle with, then these tips should help alleviate some of that stress.

1) Come On In 

Rather than cutting conversations short, running back and forth, or stressing over when people will arrive, simply put a note on the door so guests know to let themselves in. This allows you to focus on your guests without having to run to the door every few minutes. 

2) Off Limits 

If there are any parts of your home you want to keep gusts out of, like a bedroom, upstairs, or anywhere else, simply adding a ribbon across the entrance to that area as a barrier can help to keep even your nosiest guests out.  

3) Ready To Go 

If you are serving a meal or simply putting out some snacks, organizing your set-up in advance can help alleviate any unnecessary stress. You place the serving dishes out with sticky notes labeling each one and rearrange them as needed before the food ever makes it onto the plate.  

Check out JuJu's videos for more details:

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