Last week, the Brewster County Sheriff's Office seized nearly a ton of pot! What does that look like you ask? A ton equals 2000 and officials seized 1,886 pounds of marijuana last week, according to their Facebook page.

The Brewster County Sheriff's office, Homeland Security Investigations, US Border Patrol, and the Texas Department of Public Safety all came together to seize this massive amount of marijuana.

An investigation by the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations, US Border Patrol, and Texas Department of Public Safety lead to the seizure of 1,886 pounds of marijuana, early Friday morning. This case is still under investigation.


Brewster County is located southwest of Midland/Odessa, part of the Trans-Pecos area of West Texas that is made up of a total of nine counties. Brewster County is the largest county in the state of Texas, it is at 6,192 square miles. That is bigger than the state of Delaware, and Rhode Island and 500 square miles bigger than Connecticut. The only city in Brewster County is Alpine.

On September 14th, 2019, the Brewster County Sheriff's Office had a similar bust to this one seizing 1,100 pounds of marijuana. The funny thing about this bust is that officials found an SUV abandoned off Highway 90 with 1,100 pounds of marijuana in it but no driver. No one was to be found anywhere, but the driver left his wallet in the car. Authorities just wanted to return the man's wallet! LOL



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