Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are among the many celebrities from across the worlds of music, film, theater and more who have joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in a new video campaign to promote voter registration.

When We All Vote is an initiative designed to get the word out about the importance of voting in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, with stars encouraging people not only to register and vote, but to donate and volunteer to help spread the message that voting matters.

“If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to vote in every election,” Mrs. Obama says at the beginning of the video. “Not just for president, but for every office: school board, statehouse, senate.”

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Hamilton star and author Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor Tom Hanks and singer-songwriter and actor Janelle Monae are among those who join in the video, which encourages everyone, no matter what their beliefs or political affiliation, to register to vote and to vote in every election. Hill and McGraw appear onstage with their band as she says, "Every community we visit, it’s important for them to know that they can really make a difference if they go and vote in every election."

"Absolutely," he affirms.

They both turned to social media to share the video and help get the word out, with McGraw writing, "We make a difference in every single step along the path of our democracy. When we register and cast ballots we stand up for what we believe in. Faith and I are joining @WhenWeAllVote to remind Americans about the importance of registering and voting."

"@Whenweallvote is committed to registering all eligible voters and empowering them to make their voices heard in local, state, and federal elections," Hill adds.

For more information about the When We All Vote campaign, visit the organization's website.

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