The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center is excited to announce The Panhandlers will be performing on their stage on Sunday, January 14th.

You might not know who they are when I say The Panhandlers until I tell you who makes up the group. The Panhandlers is made up of some of your favorite Texas artists. Josh Abbott, Cleto Cordero, William Clark Green, and John Baumann.

We have all loved them individually and now to make music even better they have come together as one.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. Tickets range from $32.50-$69.50

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The Panhandlers are four native sons from the outskirts of Texas society, having spent much of their lives in the high desert and southern prairie. Individually, Josh Abbott, John Baumann, William Clark Green, and Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero have long pursued that Far West Texas mythos and Panhandle lore. Scattered throughout their solo catalogs, the four frontmen have delivered earnest anthems and endearing balladry that embody a Flatland life and South Plains dreams.

Still, that hasn’t ever been quite enough for Abbott, Baumann, Cordero, and Green, who in early 2020 released The Panhandlers. Built around a collection of organic and visceral rural reflections, hard scrabbled character sketches, and a wide open spaces state of mind, The Panhandlers thrived under the guidance of songwriting scholar and album producer Bruce Robison. With a Who’s Who of musicians in tow and recorded on analog two-inch tape at Robison’s The Bunker Studio, the pairings fit hand-in-glove for the set of windswept vignettes and honky-tonk mosaics. The Panhandlers


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