A big part of the most populated city in the United States of America would fit, fairly comfortably, inside the total area of this Texas airport.

New York city is the most populated city in the entire country. Almost 9 million people call it home and 1.6 million of those peeps are on Manhattan Island. Not as many residents as Houston but almost 300,000 more than San Antonio.

Believe it or not, ALL of Manhattan Island would fit into the area that encompasses the Dallas - Fort Worth, (DFW), airport. (That pic above is Manhattan Island, by the way.)

I have been to New York and wandered all over Manhattan Island. It wasn't exactly a short walk. Those huge skyscrapers take up some space.


It's also home to Broadway and Times Square among other things.

Right in the middle of Manhattan Island sits Central Park which, by itself, takes up 843 acres.

(New York's LaGuardia airport would fit in there by the way.)

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All of that would fit inside the footprint of the Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport. Which is the 3rd largest airport in the world.

By way of comparison, DFW spans 17,202 acres. Here in El Paso, ELP International takes up only, (ONLY??), 6,670 acres. New York has 2 airports itself. JFK covers 4,930 acres while La Guardia airport stands on a measly 680 acres..

If that wasn't enough, DFW is freakin' growing. Terminal D was recently expanded by 4 gates and a 6th terminal, Terminal "F", is in the works.

As for the number 1 and number 2 biggest airports in the world, those would be King Fahd International in Saudi Arabia, (191,753 acres ... 10x bigger than DFW), and #2 is Denver International in Colorado. (34,000 acres)

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