If where you stay is as important as where you're going on vacation than here's some interesting news, Texas has three of the top 10 cities for "Unique Airbnb Stay."

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There is so much more to vacationing than just picking a destination. Sure, you can find a hotel to stay at for several days or, you can make it a real adventure and find a unique Airbnb and here in the great state of Texas, we have three of the top 10 cities with unique Airbnb opportunities.


Airbnb, which if you didn't know, stands for air bed and breakfast. (I didn't know that either) A couple of roommates and classmates put an air mattress in their living room and offered it as a bed and breakfast. The idea developed and grew along the way until it is what it is today, a global business that got it's start in San Francisco in 2007.

Along the way, creativity became a factor in attracting people who were looking for something more than just a standard room in a house. Finding a "unique" Airbnb added to the experience and before you knew it, people were fixing up old school busses, sheds, barns, farm stays, treehouses, campers, RVs, tiny houses, houseboats, tipis, yurts and trailers and just about anything else that could house a guest or two in and started offering them up for rent as overnight stays.

Unique Airbnb

The crew at Shane Co. looked at 100 cities on Airbnb with the description of "unique", along with the price level of those listings to compile their list of the "Top Cities for Unique Airbnb Stays" and Texas landed three in the top 10 including the #1 city overall, Austin. New Braunfels tied with Tampa Bay for 6th on the list while Fredericksburg landed at # 9 on the list.

Austin has 306 unique stays available while New Braunfels has 140 while Fredericksburg has 118.

Make it Unique

With so many options available, and a three day weekend somewhere on the horizon, make it as unique as possible. Three of the best cities in the U.S. to do that are right here in Texas!

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