Vacations are meant for us to get away from the usual rat race of everyday life and enjoy some cool stuff to do with the family and just relax. A vacation can be many different things, too, like a cruise or being a tourist in a foreign country or simply getting off the grid for a small amount of time. One such place to unplug for a few days is in Terlingua, Texas. Here you can rent an adobe dome that is not entirely off the grid but as close as you can get.

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Summer Vacation

You are probably finalizing your summer vacation plans. It could be a trip to the beach, a foreign country to get another stamp on your passport, or it could just be a simple getaway to reboot your brain. One place in Terlingua, which sits in the Big Bend area of Texas, has a bit of off the grid living that could truly help us get away from it all.

Off the Grid Vacation

The dome is just that, a dome that is just big enough for two people to relax. There is a small solar energy system that has just enough power to charge your phone and run a refrigerator. There is no air conditioning, except for a fan, and no television. The windows are always open to allow a breeze through the dome. Water use is very limited, as well, as the kitchen sink uses rain from a water collecting cistern and the bathroom is a separate outhouse. There are showers you can use in town or you can use the outdoor solar bag shower that's on site.

The stars at night are big and bright. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Deep in the heart of Texas.

One other interesting aspect of this dome is that its in a territory that is under what's called a Dark Sky Ordinance. This is something that has been gaining popularity in Texas and across the country to reduce the amount of light pollution that is around us. For this Airbnb, that Dark Sky Ordinance allows us to see the full effect of our solar system's Milky Way in the sky at night. You can find out more about what a Dark Sky Ordinance HERE.

I think we all could use some time to unplug and just unwind for a week or even a weekend. If this Airbnb sounds like your thing, find out how you can stay there HERE.

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