A lot of restaurants are known for the largest steak or the biggest burger but I think I have found one with the largest meatball. Last night I went to dinner with some friends for a birthday dinner. The birthday girl chose a new restaurant in Midland called Cafe Dominique.

I have heard of it but haven never eat there before. I didn't know what kind of food they serve, I actually thought it might be Caribbean style food. I was wrong it was Italian. I not talking about chain restaurant Italian but home made from grandma's kitchen type of Italian.

The bread and garlic oil on the table was fantastic, then we ordered an appetizer of bread with a cheese fondue. Two thumbs up for that. When our waiter brought our menu, I was shocked to open it up and find it was lighted like an iPad.  (Fancy).

I was quite boring when it came to ordering, I was pretty basic and ordered pasta with marinara, then my friends starting telling about the meatball. How massive this thing is and how good it it, so I decided to order a meatball to go with my pasta. You have to see this thing to believe it. It is a 12oz meatball. This meatball is homemade and bigger than a saucer. I was so impressed. Obviously I couldn't eat the entire thing, in fact I was only able to each a small portion.

Two of my friends got lasagna and a another got chicken marsala. I had a bite of the lasagna and it was the best lasagna I have ever eaten. One thing I have to brag on this restaurant is the each plate was made to order. It was pre-cooked meals that were just warmed up. If you are looking for "authentic" Italian cuisine, you should try Cafe Dominique, located on Big Spring Street in Midland. And if you are looking for the largest meatball I have ever seen, Cafe Dominique. They also have a great selection of fresh fish. 


BTW this restaurant would make a great date night dinner place.


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