Miles Kwok(Weigui Guo) openly threatens Pastor Bob Fu and Mayor Patrick Payton of Midland, Texas

Pastor Bob Fu has come under attack by the Chinese Communist Party. Bob Fu, an a Chines American pastor who is founder and president of China Aid, which provides legal aid to Christians in China.

According to the MRT:

The threats against Fu’s life began Sept. 26 when about five to six protesters demonstrated outside Fu’s home, Payton said during a press conference Monday afternoon. Those protests escalated Monday morning when a group of about 50 arrived at Fu’s home via a charter bus and accused him of being a spy for the CCP.

The protesters alleged Fu was a spy for the CCP, which they accused of manufacturing the coronavirus, and said Fu has been gathering information on Americans to provide to the Chinese government. However, a statement from ChinaAid on Friday alleged a CCP operative is urging supporters to “eliminate” Fu.


In a video released on October 8, the group is now threating Midland Mayor Patrick Payton.


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