To shoot an acoustic performance video for their song "Hangin' Out in Bars," Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen did something completely unexpected: They hung out at a bar. The simple clip finds Rogers and Bowen performing in an empty bar -- just them and their guitars, two microphones and a backup guitarist.

"I've been hangin' out in bars / Just wonderin' where you are / Sitting, staring at the wall / Hopin' maybe you might call / Even though I know it's wrong," Rogers sings, surrounded by empty barstools and tables. "Think I'll have another round / Can't help but hear the sound / Of all the lonely hearts in here / Just drownin' in their beer / This is where I must belong."

Bowen, meanwhile, strums his guitar with one hand while sipping a beer of his own; his glass is mostly full at the start of the clip, but he's finished it by the end. The video stays mostly focused on Rogers and the backup guitarist, but every so often, the shot changes to focus on Bowen, casually playing and drinking. Readers can press play above to watch.

"Hangin' Out in Bars" comes from Rogers and Bowen's 2015 album Hold My Beer Vol. 1, which was their first studio record together after touring with each other for years. The pair recently released an acoustic followup to that project, titled Watch ThisThe names of both albums combine to reference their ongoing Hold My Beer and Watch This Tour.

Rogers and Bowen have a number of tour dates scheduled together throughout 2016, including a number of shows in Texas. More information can be found at

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