Are you TEAM INFLATIBLEs or NOT when it comes to Christmas Yard Decorations?

A listener wrote in...."My wife HATES inflatables and has FORBIDDEN us from ever having any in our yard. I don't mind them, so when our 3 year old asked for one, I thought we would bend for him. My wife doesn't feel the same way. LOL Are you TEAM INFLATIBLEs or NOT when it comes to Christmas Yard Decorations?"

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Loretta: I'd rather see inflatables than nothing at all!

Faith: They're only tacky if they're put up before thanksgiving, after thanksgiving they're cute and festive...if an adult has a Grinch opinion about somebody else's decorations, well now, that's tacky!

Krissy: I think they are cute! I don't think 800 in one yard is very cute but that's the beauty of being a homeowner to each their own

Michelle: Hate them but my children love them and it's not about me it's about making their holiday as special as possible so my 14ft Santa and my baby unicorn and baby dragon stay.

Kristine: I hate them. Worst decorations ever. No imagination required, just plug in. No offense to those who love them. To each his own.

Rich: They're whimsical, easy to setup and easy to store. What's tacky is the house with that one house with only a projection that says "merry Christmas" on their garage door. The laziest effort possible.


Tell us you're married to the Grinch without telling us you're married to the Grinch lol

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