Got into a discussion at our Domino's Pizza live broadcast last night as we were all 'people watching', witnessing some folks coming out for their 43 pizzas in boy shorts and bathrobes--and it was such a great chat we took it to the morning show this morning... All about what people wear when they go shopping. This isn't a new topic-as there are websites dedicated to putting on display the outrageous things that people do when they leave the house and are out in public when it comes to what they're wearing.  Of course--I had to tell the story about the day I wore pajama bottoms and my Batman slippers to go ring shopping at the mall with my then-girlfriend, fiance, and now wife... And yet--she still married me!


They say "The Clothes Don't Make The Man"... In my case, that was definitely true. At least, in THIS particular instance. Like I said this morning: "Once I turned about 45 years old, I truly stopped caring what other people thought of me--how I looked, what I was wearing, what kind of car I drove. I don't care. If I'm happy, so be it!". And that is how I looked at it while we were out at Domino's on location--I just kept saying to myself "I salute these people for being themselves and being comfortable enough in their own skin to go out dressed however they want to--and they don't care what anyone else thinks!". Comment below and tell us what YOU think. Do you care, or do you make sure you're dressed 'appropriately' before you leave the house to go shopping, for fear of who you might run into or who might see you--and what they might THINK?

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