One thing this area is known for is supporting our men and women in the military. The Permian Basin in very patriotic and not afraid to support the men and women who protect this great nation every single day. We all know someone who has served or who is currently serving in one of the branch's of the military.

As we all know over the last couple of weeks the situation in Afghanistan has not been a good one. Many have experienced torture, death and things so awful we couldn't even imagine. Many Americans and Afghans were rendered helpless because of the thoughtless strategy the US government used to pull out of Afghanistan.  Because of that 13 members of the US Military lost their lives serving and protecting their country. 13 Families got the call or the knock on the door that no military family ever wants to get. The one letting them know their loved one would not be making it home. One young soldier has a baby due any time now that will he will never met and his daughter will never get to meet him.

Correct me if I am wrong but aren't you more likely to support a business that has the same beliefs and way of thinking that you do? We like to support those who are like minded.  We have seen many restaurants set up 12 beers in honor of the fallen. We have seen tables set with 13 empty seats.

Yesterday Lowe's in Midland set up a memorial of their own. They have 13 patio chair set up around an American flag flying at have mast.  Thank you to Lowe's in Midland for the thoughtful display of respect to the fallen.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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