We've all seen these types of stories over the years.... The image of The Virgin Mary appearing on an underpass wall, or the underbelly of a turtle... Or the image of Jesus appearing on a piece of toast. We've also seen photographic evidence of these things on line accompanying the stories from not only here in the United States but globally. And some of these things have raked in a bundle of cash being sold on line at websites like Ebay, Craigslist, and others. One guy in Maine sold his piece of toast with Jesus' image for $25,000. There was a Flamin' Hot Cheeto that looked like Harambre The Gorilla which sold for just under $100,000!

And never in any stretch of my imagination did I ever think anything like this would ever happen to ME. Then, I walked into my master bathroom yesterday and sat on the edge of the tub for a second and happened to look down--as a face was staring back at me in the pattern on the tile (see pic above).

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It looks to me like it's a woman. She doesn't look particularly happy or sad--just kind of staring... Can you see her? I've passed this picture around the radio station building and I've gotten comments like it looks like there's a dog licking her face, or that she looks like she's angry. But everyone says they see her--so I know I'm not imagining it. Comment below and tell us what YOU see and we'll talk about it on the show!

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