We talked about this on the show this morning--Do You Believe in LOVE or LUST at First Sight? We've all heard stories about people who meet someone and say right then and there--I'm going to marry that person! But how true are those stories, and if they're true, how often does that REALLY happen? And--do they follow thru with it, or does the relationship fizzle out before it reaches the altar?

Many questions and variables, for sure. I can tell you that when I met MY wife--I was instantly attracted to her but never said to myself (and especially not to HER!) "I'm going to marry that girl". I was smitten though, and asked her after our first date if we could date exclusively--and she wasn't interested in that at the time and wanted to continue to chat on line and meet with people and date around. So I told her that I respected her decision and that I wasn't interested in going forward then, as I didn't want to continue to see her in that capacity, develop feelings--then have her tell me she'd met someone else she wanted to pursue things further with.

So I withdrew and told her I just wanted to be friends. So she continued to see other people and so did I but we kept in touch and talked a lot on the phone, sharing stories about the dates we'd been on and the people we were meeting. Then one day a few months later--she asked me to lunch and told me she'd actually like to see where things went with us and that we should give it a try. And we've been together ever since. That will be 7 years ago this August. So--goes to show, too, that sometimes it can be "love" for one person, and not immediately for the other. Again--variables. I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts in the comments below as to whether or not you believe this is a thing--and share YOUR stories if you have one! -Gunner

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